Apocalypse World Homebrew: Cleveland Raiders

Session 1: Metal Beavers and the Assholes

Player Characters:

Doc Abe – Angel – Brett
Scarlet – Battlebabe – Brad/Nathan
Jack Sin – Brainer – Charlie


The city of Petersburg was recently attacked by a group of midgets called The Assholes who live in a mountainous region just outside of the border of the small town. It is the task of Doc, Scarlet, and Jack Sin to get medical supplies from nearby Cleveland to save the town before the injuries become much worse within the time frame of about two days.

The group ends up journeying into a dark pine forest just outside of Petersburg, that is infested with Metal Beavers. After a quick and dirty encounter, Scarlet and Doc became covered with neon green luminescent blood. Metal Beavers are very large, quick, and strong with a keen ability to remain hidden in their native environment.

Stumbling into a clearing, the group arrives upon a large oak tree in the center of a field. There are bodies suspended from the tree of deformed animals. The entire tree is covered in a sap substance that we later find out is honey. After wandering through the stark white, sterile research facility, the floor drops out, sending everyone into a dark tiled basement. The twist: the room is continuously shrinking.

In the basement, giant scorpion-bee creatures wander around in the dark. Their short temper lets them get turned upon Doc, Scarlet, and Jack Sin very quickly. The group disposes of the monsters as the room shrinks. Duck himself shows his face, where Scarlet learns about his tortured soul from syncing with the maelstrom.

Duck is killed in a violent rage, and the party escapes the now burning facility into the forest.



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